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  • NM-2500H
  • NM-2500H
  • NM-2500H
  • NM-2500H
  • NM-2500H
  • NM-2500H

Technical specifications

• Dimensions: 190cm long, 80cm wide, 2.5cm high
• Temperature range: 40ºC to 70ºC
• Weight: 12kg
• Power supply: 230VAC / 50Hz
• Consumption: max. 200W (only during the heating process, where after the thermostat will turn on and turn off the heat to maintain set temperature).


Characteristics of NM-2500 mattress

• Is made from ceramics tourmanium – emitting far infrared rays and negative ions.
• Construction of environmentally friendly materials both for humans and the environment.
• Tourmanium ceramic is safe to use year round.
• Integrated copper- and aluminum foil to protect against magnetic radiation and electromagnetic waves.
• Keeps via its thermostat an accurate temperature to guarantee a comfortable use.
• The ceramics containing Germanium is said to help blood for better absorption of oxygen by its electric influence.
• The ceramics contains Elvan, which sterilizes and deodoriser.

• Transport and storage bag included, the mattress can be folded twice to fit in your bag


NM-2500 Effects

- Removes toxins
- Eliminates the inflammation and pain of various etiologies
- Improves circulation and blood formation
- It increases blood oxygen saturation
- Normalizes the respiratory system
- It strengthens the walls of blood vessels and destroys the cholesterol
- Strengthens the immune system
- Accelerates cell renewal process
- Helps accelerate the healing of wounds and restore the skin problems
- Removes swelling
- Slows down the aging process
- Burns fat under the skin
- Improves sleep and helps get rid of insomnia
- Improves the stability of the nervous system
- Warms in cold weather

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