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  • NM-55
  • NM-55

Foot Massage Mat massages your feet, the miniature heart of your body.

Model License NO. : 10-221
Size : 750(W) * 430(D) * 45(H)
Weight/Package : 5.6kg / 1set
Rated Electric Flow : 220V~ 50/60Hz
Electric : 125W ± 15%


Give your feet (second heart) a rest!


Your feet are the miniature figure of your body organ. Stimulate your feet to stay healthy.


“Tourmanium is the mixture of tourmaline, germanium, elvan, and crystallized volcanic rocks! 

This Foot Massage Mat stimulates the capillary vessels and peripheral nerves in your feet, the miniature heart”


The NM-55 Foot Massager "Second Heart"  incorporates acupressure massage principles onto the foot, helping to release pain and increase blood circulation.


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