J6 Accupressure Massager

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J6 Accupressure Massager

Size: W33 X H112.5 mm

Material: Tourmanium, ABS, POM

The acupressure massager helps to make beautiful hands and body through the acupresure.

With a tourmaline roller J6, acupuncture massage is possible at any time and in any place! This light, stylish and very healthy thing is convenient to carry in your purse, pocket or on your wrist. With the help of a pocket massager, you can give your health every free minute. Whether you are standing in line, going in transport or watching TV - get a tourmaline roller and massage your hands.

The J6 roller consists of 12 different-sized mobile tourmaline disks, which increases the effectiveness of the massage effect. At one end of the J6 there is a place for the keychain, on the other - a tourmaline tip for point pressure on the palm.

On the palms are concentrated many biologically active points, the impact on which has a beneficial effect on health, strengthens the nervous system and even improves memory.


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