J5 Massage Set

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  • J5 Massage Set
  • J5 Massage Set
  • J5 Massage Set
  • J5 Massage Set
  • J5 Massage Set

Set for face and body massage

Tourmanium massage set emitting anions and far nfrared rays helps forming a beautiful and healthy face and body line.

Size:    J5-1 W55 X D35 X H250mm
J5-2 W46 X D22 X H140mm
J5-3 W130 X D30 X H96mm
Material: Tourmanium, PP, ABS




Healthy and beautiful face & body line.

The set includes three massagers.

J5-1 is designed for facial massage. With the help of a massage it is possible to stimulate and smooth the muscles of the chin, making the face oval face-lifted and young.

J5-2 - this roller is used to massage certain areas of the face and neck. Turmanium massage reduces puffiness, makes the skin supple and elastic.

J5-3 stimulates and smoothes the muscles of the body, makes the figure fit and beautiful.

A set of tourmanship helps to maintain health and beauty for those people who, for many reasons, can not use the services of a massage therapist.

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