Nuga Best Malaysia, Singapore Held 2013 Seminar

Nuga Best Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei had an educational seminar from 9 to 10th Dec 2013 at Avillion Hotel, Port Dickson.  About 70 people came from all over Malaysia and Singapore to attend the seminar learning about new products.

The seminar began with an inspiring message by the chairman, Mr. Park Jong Geun.  It was about ‘Change and Future’ mainly sharing about challenges, opportunities and determination.

It was a great honor to have Mr. Kim Byung Jae, director of Research and Development Centre from Nuga Korea as our guest speaker, as he has designed most of Nuga Best products under the supervision of the global chairman since he joined Nuga in 2005. Mr. Kim Byung Jae gave us a substantial amount of lectures on various products that will launch in 2014.

The participants were well-equipped with the knowledge about the new products and filled with confidence in world class Nuga Best products once again.




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