The N5 Experience Zone, gains and explosive responses at the 2015 World Science Summit

The World Science Summit and the Opening Ceremony of the World Science and Technology (S&T) Forum were held with great success at the Daejeon Convention Center (DCC) on October 19.

Under the theme, "Creating a Global Future Through Innovation In Science and Engineering,” the 2015 World Science Summit welcomed some 3,000 high-ranking figures of the science and technology sectors including the ministers and vice ministers of science and technology from the 59 member countries of 12 international organizations as well as world-class scientists, Nobel Prize winners, and CEOs of global companies. The meeting served as an impetus for these influential figures to seek measures to ensure the harmonious coexistence of mankind through development and innovation of science and technology. 

Nuga Medical N5 was chosen to be displayed at the experience zone of DCC, the venue of the World Science Summit. It was used to help the participants rest their minds and bodies in the lounge. 

N5 is a medical device for personal use that was launched by NUGA BEST this year. N5 is drawing attention with its innovative technology and design; with the application of nano-diamond Tourmanium, it has a higher far-infrared emissions and anion electrification rate compared to conventional Tourmanium products, and enhances space utility as a foldable device. 

With the N5 experience zone at the 2015 World Science Summit, we hope to promote the advanced technology of our products worldwide, and grow as a brand that leads both the domestic and global medical device markets. 

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