Corporate Philosophy & Vision

We continue to research and practice to deliver health, love and service to customers. Nuga started in 2002 as a young company to realize customer satisfaction with the excellent technological power and advanced services, while identifying the rapidly changing trends across the world and leading the change.

We have realized wonderful achievements to build up our sales networks reaching over 3,500 places in about 105 countries, starting in China throughout the U.S., Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany, Argentina, etc.
Nuga will not be satisfied with these achievement and make more efforts to realize globalization under our goal to propagate Nuga Medical’s health culture throughout every country in the whole world.

Corporate Philosophy

We contribute to the human health by providing the best service with our best technology and love Nuga has the best technological power due to its continuous R&D investments and we will make our efforts continuously.
We will run for customers before they ask us to do so by practicing BS (Before Service) through the thorough customer care based on this technological power.
In addition, we will make efforts to widen and enlarge Nuga’s health culture as a global company as executives and employees become unified. Under these efforts, we will never forget to love customers and human beings.

Company motto

Health, Love, Service

All the executives and employees of Nuga will make our best efforts to realize the human health and common prosperity by practicing love and service for customers.


Nuga has achieved remarkable growth and emerged as a global company after years of tackling new challenges with great enthusiasm and fearlessness. We have engaged in a number of R&D projects and implemented a thorough follow-up management system to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, which is our top priority. We will continue to devote our efforts to improving health for mankind.

'We will contribute to make a healthier and more humane society with our caring minds for our customers and advanced technology.' In the heart of Humanism, well-being and happiness, there is health.
With our state-of-the-art technical capability that has been validated through a number of awards (IR Jangyoungsil Award, 1994; Minister of Science and Technology Award, 1995) Nuga Best was incorporated in June 2002. Since then, we have been developing and manufacturing various types of thermal treatment devices and health care devices for home uses, which are now being exported to more than 106 countries in the world!
What contributed to our fast growth since our foundation was our spirits for sharing health, love, and service with the entire world which were the basis of our mindset when we developed and manufactured our products.
With our corporate mission, “To contribute to the human health by providing the best service with our best technology and love”, we, Nuga Best has been manufacturing and providing our customers with quality products with world class competitiveness. According to the establishment of the R&D group within Nuga Best, we are determined to secure our leadership position in terms of development of the next generation health devices, as well as training talented minds, innovation, and strengthening our capabilities for knowledge based on management of our company.
We will lead the way to make the society a better place for us all with our commitment for compliance, environmental awareness, and sharing with our neighbors. As we step up to the leadership in the health device industry of the world, we would like to welcome you to join us in our journey to the new future!


We all understand that today’s Nuga is possible because all the executives and employees and everyone in Best House have practices health, love and service in a passionate way with their sweats until today since the establishment of Nuga. In addition, I would like to express my gratitude for everyone who loves Nuga from the bottom of my heart.
Now, Nuga stands up at an important point to attempt a new take-off as a first-class global company based on our achievements up to now. Nuga will lead future changes through the first-class management while leading the customer value during 2011.
To achieve such a goal, Nuga will build up and practice quality management system ahead of our customers for the value which customers recognize. We will ensure our Nuga Best brand to become a symbol of new value generation with our service and quality which can be differentiated from those of our competitors.
We will practice the human resources management.
We will make efforts to ensure human resources with passion and expertise to try challenges continuously in contributing to the company and social advancement, while securing good talents, developing and operating various and efficient programs.
We will practice strategic and tactic management.
We will prepare and practice our future features in a systematic way including our plans for the future, our unique strategies for the continuous growth, and plans to secure our capability for them.
Finally, we will be trusted and loved with ethical management by customers and society.
We will contribute to the maximization of happiness in the society by seeking for the best value among various interests surrounding our company. In addition, all the executives and employees of Nuga will practice ethical management through social contribution activities and exemplary initiatives.
Now, we will overcome any environmental difficulty and stretch a step further to a global first-class company recognized by customers, under ‘the challenging spirits toward the future’ with ‘the passion for customers’. Thank you.


NUGA R&D Centres

Contribute to human health with highest technology,and best efforts and service.

We are actively adjusting to the fast-changing health equipment market and contributing to health and welfare of the mankind by leading new product development and advanced research and development.

NRC | NUGA R&D Center

NUGA R&D Center takes charge of Nuga’s new product R&D and plays the central role to develop Nuga into a world-class company. As the technological leader of Nuga, it obtained the Affiliated Research Center Certification from the Korea Industrial Technology Association on September 14, 2005 to prove to the world the advanced development of Korea’s health equipment industry.

NICMIC | NUGA IT Convergence Medical 

Instrument Research Center

NUGA IT Convergence Medical Instrument Research Center is located inside the Advanced Medical Equipment Techno tower at Yonsei University Wonju Maeji Campus. It is developing healthcare products that measures and analyzes bio signals in collaboration with Yonsei University and is preparing to launch U-Healthcare, a future-oriented industry.

NOMIC | NUGA Oriental Medical Instrument

Research Center

Nuga Oriental Medical Instrument Research Center works with Sangji University Oriental Medical Equipment Industry Promotion Center to research and develop health equipment based on oriental remedies.

As it become an affiliated research center as of July 1, 2008. It is putting the best effort in developing integrated health equipment based on research on oriental remedies.

​The 10th Anniversary of foundation of Nuga 

  • 2012.01 Nuga Korea. General distributor agreement for Australia was concluded
  • 2012.02 2012 Russia Conference was Held
  • 2012.02 2012 KIMES in Seoul
  • 2012.04 Nuga  Korea Concluded a General Distributor Agreement in Kosovo
  • 2012.04 Nuga  Korea Concluded a General Distributor Agreement in Nigeria
  • 2012.04 Nuga  Korea concluded a general distributor agreement in Kuwait
  • 2012.04 Commemoration for the Achievement of 300 Million Dollar Export
  • 2012.06 Opening of NUGA Global Conference, in celebration of the 10th anniversary
  • 2012.06 NUGA Family Festival, in celebration of the 10th anniversary
  • 2012.06 10 year Anniversary Korean Culture Experience
  • 2012.07 Chairman Cho, Syung Hyun received the 51st Award for the Best Korean Trader of the Month
  • 2012.12 NUGA Best, honored with 70 Million Dollar Export Tower on the 49th Trade Day

​Cultivating global competitiveness and strengthening the foundation for sustainable growth

  • 2013.01 - Nuga Best, holds a conference in Jeju for its domestic distributors
  • 2013.01 - Nuga Best, holds a conference in Ukraine
  • 2013.02 - The 1st Distributor Conference in Russia in 2013
  • 2013.03 - Nuga Korea, awarded with a commendation from the Minister of Strategy and Finance on the 47th Taxpayers’ Day
  • 2013.03 - 2013 KIMES in Seoul (Participation in the Korea International Medical)
  • 2013.04 - Signing of the exclusive distributor agreement with Saudi Arabia
  • 2013.06 - 11th Anniversary Ceremony and Sports Event
  • 2013.06 - 11th Anniversary Conference of National Representatives
  • 2013.07 - Signing of sole distributorship agreement for Republic of Congo
  • 2013.07 - Signing of sole distributorship agreement for Cameroon
  • 2013.09 - The 2013 Russian Distributors Conference in Turkey
  • 2013.09 - Nuga Korea, records 400 million USD in export


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